Basic communication skills

Speaking your opinions, thoughts and ideas are must if you want to be understood by others. How you convey your message creates a huge difference. Everyone ignores these little details while communicating which you, my friend, can take advantage of!

In today’s world of hustle and bustle it becomes mandatory for you to have better communication skills to flourish . School doesn’t teach this skill and not even allows to as we are often told not to speak in class. Students have doubts but doesn’t raise their hands because of their shaky confidence. 

A good conversation can connect you with the other person.

First of all you need to know why communication skills are important:

Why to communicate properly?

During my childhood,I’ve seen amazing people who can 

  • make others comfortable by talking
  • convey message efficiently
  • handle tense situations 
  • talk to anyone confidently
  • Light up others mood

I’ve always wondered what separates them from other dull people. 

The answer was simple. It’s how they communicate that made the difference. 

The byproduct of having better communication skills is people respect you and connect with you. You discuss rather than argue.

How to communicate properly:

Discover these important elements of communication skills and apply it in your day to day conversations:

1. Be interested to be interesting:

People always love when you listen to them attentively, show interest in conversation, and are considerate of their feelings. They’ll surely appreciate it. 

You always see people forcing their opinions on others. These people are toxic as hell. No one likes it when you don’t give a damn about the other person and continue to babble on your own.

Listening comes from the word silence. Only when you’re silent, listening is possible. Listening definitely opens you up to the people.And it also helps you to keep up the conversation.

2. Have eye contact:

Imagine a person talking to you without even looking at you. You would definitely feel he or she is not interested in the conversation. Gives a negative impact, doesn’t it?

Eye contact is a must in every conversation. This also portrays your self-confidence. Make sure you leave a good impact!

3. Smile:

When you smile, it shows power. People love it. It lightens up your mood too. You would’ve noticed by now … a smile is 100 times more attractive than a plain face. And keep it natural.

Your mind and body are connected. When you are sad, your body language portrays it too. In a study its found that forcibly smiling can trick your brain and you actually start to feel good. So, when you aren’t feeling motivated, smile as it’ll increase your energy levels.

4. Come across as a confident person:

In simple words, confidence is your ability to “FACE THINGS HEAD ON.” Not foolishly but intellectually.

There are three main reasons for you to feel under confident:

1. When you do not believe in yourself. 

If you fall in this category then first of all accept yourself. Then start improving your mind, body, and overall development. Other people make the mistake of changing first and then accepting themselves. It’s the biggest blunder they make.

2.When you’re doing things of which you’ve not much idea about.

Your brain needs to get every information needed to get a certain task done. If it’s not there then of course doubts creeps in. So the solution is to be prepared in every way.

3. When you don’t know what to talk about.

People are often afraid to socialize with other groups because they don’t know what to talk with them. 

So the solution is to increase your knowledge on various topics. This’ll give you large number of topics to start a conversation with other people.

5. Your body speaks 70% of your message:

Body language 70%

Verbal communication have 7%, tone of voice have 23%, and body language have 70% role in your communication. 

Your body speaks the truth and this is what detectives use to understand a person’s true motives.

There 2 types of body language:

Close body language sends a signal to the other person that you’re not confident or open to them. Close body language involves:

  • Folding your hands or legs
  • Keeping hands in pocket
  • Covering your front with bag
Open body language tend to send a positive signal to the other person that you’re open to them and are not hiding anything.

6. Waver your voice tone:

You know why lectures are so boring? Because teachers speak in the same tone. 

You can emphasize your words by your tone of voice. Mastering it adds up to extra 25% in your personality. You channelize the feelings of your words through voice tone.

Tone adds meaning to your words. Your message can be perceived very differently depending on your tone of voice.

7. Find bridges in conversations:

Bridges are hints which the other person gives you to keep the conversation going. Be a word detective and find out hidden interests of the other person.

You connect easily to those people who have similar interests as yours. So talking about other person’s interests can make him super excited to keep the conversation going.

8. Parroting - When you don't know what to say :

When you don’t know what to say, just repeat their words with a different tone and see the magic! This technique has worked wonders for me.

9. Positive words:

What you feed the mind becomes the basis of your thinking. Feed positive to think positive. And think positive to speak positive.

People who speak negative, think negative, spread negative aren’t likable at all. Sometimes it’s understood but not everytime.

Positive thoughts helps you develop a better mindset. And we all like to be around that person too.

10. 'You' language:

People in a conversation love when it’s about them and revolves around them. Even you would love the same. So keep the talk conversational with both the sides.

People listen to you when you listen to them attentively. 


By reading this blog, you’ve halfway acheived the mastery to being a skillful communicator. And the other half depends on your practice.And you can fluently keep the conversation going. But you should also know when to stop. If the other person is not interested, leave him be.

Now, defnitely you’ve learnt a lot about communication skills today. Remember to keep using these techniques. Frequently applying them will make it happen subconsciously. 


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  1. Nowadays, people don’t communicate much inspite of being closer to each other than never before. I would definitely like to change that.

  2. “The byproduct of having better communication skills is people respect you and connect with you. You discuss rather than argue.”

    Wish others understand it as much as you do. 😁

  3. “Be interested to be interesting” – so true. Everyone puts their opinions on others and does not pay attention to what others have to say.

  4. We should all realise how important it is to improve our conversation skills. If you can convince someone…that’s your superpower!

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