First Year Of Engineering!

I’m an engineering student and just like you I wondered what’s there in it for me. Before even starting engineering I’ve heard many bad rumours about this stream and I’m sure you must’ve too. 

You see, engineering is more about creating or modifying things to ease our lives. I’m in first year and it’s soon going to end. So, I can tell you exactly what happens in the colleges.

This is a true story. One day when I was going to college in a bus, a student of another college came, wearing suit and tie. He was an engineering student. He sat beside me, removed his blue coloured book from his bulky bag, took his smartphone in his hand and opened an image. That image was sent by his friend. It was an answer of a maths problem of chapter determinants. The problem was to find collinearity of points. He just copied the steps as it is and wrote without any second thoughts.

This incident got me thinking that if a student is not succeeding then it’s his own fault. Copying and cramming doesn’t get you anywhere in life unless you start thinking yourself.

Your college can provide you with equipments, facilities, labs and knowledge. But using them as you see fit is your own responsibility. You should definitely, take part in events and build your group projects because those are the moments where you get to learn yourself. 

How should you approach your studies?

Want to top in your college? Just remember you’re learning to teach some kid. Studies have shown – When you study in order to teach someone, your attention and knowledge grasping power increases 5 times more than usual.

If you can’t explain a concept to some other person easily, you haven’t understood it enough!

What about education system?

To some extent even I think that education system needs to be changed because the way some teachers teach is exceptionally BORING!

Luckily, in my college days I got all great teachers to learn from.

In the first year I had subjects like Physics, Maths, Chemistry, BEE (Basic Electrical Engineering), and Mechanics. Compared to 12th ISC board, these were super easy. In my college, teachers and sir, all excel at teaching their subjects.

Tips for your first year:

Recognition and respect is a desire of yours and everyone around you. So, there are some tips you should keep in mind before starting your college:

1. Have a good impression on your first day:

Your confidence on the first day matters a LOT. Though first impression may not be the last impression but it has a founding impact.

10% of your personality collectively involves looks, hygiene and fashion. The rest 90% of your involves your behaviour, attitude towards life, communication skills and confidence. I’ve used both of them and the outcome is better than I thought. I’ll leave it as a suprise for you so that you can watch the outcome yourself.

2. Sit on the first bench:

Before arriving to class, I had to choose which seat to choose. First bench was my choice. You’ll be surprised to know the advantages of sitting on the first bench:

  • You pay attention to lectures even if you want it or not.
  • You can ask doubts any time you want as teacher can readily come to the first bench.
  • If a college watsapp group is to be made, you have the highest probablity to be the admin.
  • You can shout your answers without caring what others will think.
  • Teachers get to know you..

Rather than watching others, let others watch you. There’s just one disadvantage that you can’t talk much with your friends sitting near you. You’ll be definitely caught and scolded by the teacher. Well, somehow in college we don’t care about scoldings.

3. Choose your friends wisely:

Visiting your college first time is a great feeling. No one knows each other as well as what your true nature is. It takes time for others to open up to you. You may want to befriend each one of your classmates.

The idea may sound good but you’ll soon know why it fails. Your friends problems can become your problems. And if you’re intelligent (which you definitely are), your friends will ask you to send the homework or assignment answers throughout the year which becomes an eyesore. 

But don’t get me wrong. You should definitely have a small talk with others and know their goals and aspirations. If it’s similar to yours or the one you find amazing, then become a friend of him/her.

4. Chase after excellence:

If your ultimate goal is placements in engineering then you’re done for! No one knows what’ll happen after four years. Even you’ll have job offers or not is not sure. What happens if none of the companies recruits you? 

You see, everything comes down to you at last. Your ultimate motive should be LEARNING and APPLYING everything you know. 

5. Do better than you did before :

Your success and attitude speaks to others subconsciously. If you need unnecessary efforts to attract someone means – you’re not doing enough to reach your dreams YET! 

You just chase excellence in your field, people will automatically chase you.

6. Speak publicly:

Speaking in public shows your confidence is extraordinary. You’re open to the world. It allows you to share your opinion with others and keep your point of view.

7. Don't be afraid to ask questions:

You got a doubt? Clear it as fast as you can. Because further it only keeps stacking up and more confusion occurs. So, rather than understanding you end up just memorizing the knowledge. Never be that fool!

8.. Improve your academics:

Engineering also demands you to have an excellent record in academics. So, if you’re going to study anyway, aim for the top. This’ll give you motivation and you’ll not settle just for passing marks.

9.Take part in events:

Events give you exposure and having some fun doesn’t harm anyone. Just enjoy these events wholeheartedly.

10. No one ever graduates:

As you know, life is a long journey. You never graduate as you never stop learning throughout your life. Engineering also teaches you many life lessons as you go along the maze.

Why you learn about other fields?

Before, I wondered, why are we supposed to learn about other fields in first year when we have to specialize in one field only. 

So, one day our teacher told us,” You students might’ve knowledge of a particular branch but your ability to think and create is what creates the difference. And many engineering students are not getting job offers because they lack knowledge about other fields.”

Let’s take an example of a drone. Before it used to happen that its body was created by mechanical engineers, its circuits were created by electrical engineers and its programming by computer engineers. Nowadays companies wants the same result in less hiring cost. So what they do is, they hire someone with appreciable knowledge of all the fields, who can do all the work.

So, learning about other fields is also beneficial which is taught in your first year of engineering. It increases your worth 100 times more as an ENGINEER!


  • You come to an engineering college to become an engineer. That’s your ultimate goal. Don’t let others distract you from your path. Because if you keep throwing stones at every dog that barks, you’ll never reach your destination.
  • College does matter. You should learn about the college before taking admission in it. Many private colleges have 75% attendance which may bother you if you do self study. But believe me – Every day in college is useful!
  • Engineering is not just about knowledge and degree. Here you learn to communicate with others, design your own projects, and learn to manage your time.
  • Engineering is for those who have a reason to study. Your reason to study will always keep you on track.
  • Having fun is mandatory but in certain limits. Its proven when you’re happy, you are able to understand things better.

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