How To Install Fonts In Windows 10?

Learn how to install fonts in Windows 10 in 3 simple steps. Here I share with you step by step guide to install a new font ( e.g. Roboto) :

1. Google font family :

First of all, google the font family. ‘Google fonts’ is the best place to find and download different fonts easily. You can check the font format with its name together. 

  •  Visit : Google Fonts
  • Type ‘Roboto’ in search and download it ( a zip file will be downloaded ).

2. Extract the zip file :

  • Right click on the zip file and select ‘Extract to Roboto\’.
  •  A folder named ‘Roboto’ will appear. Open it.

3. Install fonts :

  • Double click on the FONT STYLE you want.
Select font
  •    Now install fonts.
Install font

CONGRATS! You have finally installed your font in the system. 

Fonts can give a cool effect to your presentations. So choosing a font which is easily readable is a must. 

Most noteworthy: The zip file which you downloaded is of FONT FAMILY (also known as Typeface). It further contains FONT STYLES (or just fonts) which you installed just now. 

Can Fonts Have Viruses?


Before 2011, we thought, for a virus to infect your computer – it needs to be executed from an executable file – a file that includes program or macro or the boot of a file system.

Hence, Font-parsing vulnerabilities weren’t part of the security consciousness much until the discovery of Duqu at the end of 2011. 

Duqu, the spy malware, at the end of 2011, hooked into the Windows Kernel ( kernel is the central module of an operating system which connects the system hardware to the application software) through bugs in the TrueType font file (.ttf – read below) parsing engine. 

Certainly, Duqu gave a new life to the concept of cyber spying and helped rejuvenate interest in kernel-level vulnerabilities and exploits.

Attacks like these are executed via an embedded malicious font file dropped into an Office document, such as a Word file. As a result, when the user opens the malicious file—delivered either via a spear-phishing email or over the Web—the exploit targets a vulnerability in kernel-mode drivers that improperly handle malicious TrueType font files.

TrueType vulnerabilities are difficult to exploit. Also, even if they are exploited, it is difficult for antimalware to handle them.

So you should always download the font zip file from a renown site (like Google) rather than crappy ones.

Types Of Fonts:

When installing a font, I’ve always wondered why is it that some fonts have different extension than others. Likewise, you might have the same question: What is the difference between all the extensions which we see in font files?

Almost all of us have seen fonts which can be categorized under these 3 types of extensions which are :

▶ .TTF

A TTF file is a font file format created by Apple but used on both Windows and Macintosh. It can be resized to any size without losing quality. It looks the same when printed as it does on the screen. 

While this often produces acceptable results, these fonts are inferior for intensive reading (such as on websites), for small text labels on website buttons and for intensive text editing.

▶ .OTF

An OTF file is an OpenType font file developed by Adobe and Microsoft. The characters in OTF fonts can be resized without losing quality. It is flexible and can be edited without any problem. It is the successor of True Type (.TTF).

OTF font format is widely available and is the most common font extension of all. You are using it unknowingly.


WOFF (the Web Open Font Format) is a  web font format developed by W3C. It is a font format for use in web pages. WOFF files are compressed OpenType or TrueType fonts  with additional XML metadata added. 

The font data is compressed, so sites using WOFF will use less bandwidth and will load faster than TrueType or OpenType files.

Can Fonts Be Copyrighted?

Yes, fonts can be copyrighted under some terms and conditions. Therefore an important question arise because of it: How to tell if a font is copyrighted?

Here are 5 easy steps to check if your font is copyrighted or not:

1. Open Control Panel And Select 'Appearance and Personalization' :

control panel

2. Select 'Fonts' Folder :

font folder

3. Double click on the font file of your interest :

4. Select Font Style :

choose font

5. Read The Copyright Instruction :

read the copyright instruction

Unless specified any restriction – you can use it anywhere.

Why Fonts Matter?

Font styles are a visual representation of your personality or brand. For instance: Coca cola

It is used mostly by brands to convey a specific feeling to its customer. The right font is often the key to a strong brand identity. It may not play a great role consciously but it definitely does subconsciously.

Above all, fonts can exaggerate a word and impact your reader to help convey your feelings through your words. Another benefit is that using different fonts which go together improves the readability of your content and is a creative way not to bore your readers. 

Also, you can give emphasis to a paragraph just by using a font style different from other paragraphs which grabs the reader’s attention to read more into your content. It definitely helps when you’ve got long but useful information. Fonts can definitely impact your mood.


To sum up, now you know :

  • How to install any font in seconds 
  • Fonts can have viruses or not
  • Types of font extension which are usually seen
  • Till what extent fonts should be used
  • Why having better fonts is neccessary

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