How To Download And Install Software?

It’s difficult to figure out how to install software on your own at first. And from where should you download it to be safe from malware such as viruses, worms, Trojan horses and spyware. So here’s a beginner’s guide to help you install your software.

Installing the software without knowing the following will increase the risk of getting your Windows hacked or any personal information can be leaked. So, take some time and absorb this information to help you be at the safer side.

Types Of Softwares:

Every software can be classified in under 3 types:

➤ Commercial:

These types are mostly paid software. You need not get any free trial to test the software.

➤ Trialware:

These types of software provide a free trial for a limited amount of time or a limited amount of use. After the trial gets over, you need to pay for this software to access it. Nowadays many authorized company’s software uses it in order to show the customers :

  • Why should they spend their money on this software
  • The capability and need of the software.

➤ Freeware:

These types of software are completely free to use. They have the most probability of being infected with malware.

Things To Look Out For:

➤ Never download from advertisements:

When you click on the ads to download any software, a new page opens on a different website. Now, no one knows the credibility of that site. We don’t even know that the software there is malware-free or not. So it is often advised not to download from the advertisements from a site.

➤ Scan the file for malware before you download it:

If the site from where you’re downloading the software looks fishy or you have a gut feeling that the software can have malware then definitely scan it for malware. You can do it easily by using a free online malware scanning tool such as VirusTotal. They will download in their server, scan it, and give you the results.

How To Find Software Online?

You can install software easily from the microsoft store or else search it on the web. And if you’re downloading directly from the web then remember to do things specified above to be at the safer side.

Now let’s install the software.

How To Install Software From Web?

➤ Find and download .exe file

➤ Open the file and double click on it

➤ A box appears. Follow the instructions to install.

➤ Open the software.

How To Uninstall Software From Web?

➤ Open the Control Panel

➤ Select 'Uninstall a program'

➤ Select the software and click 'Uninstall'

➤ Click on 'Yes' to Uninstall

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