Subconscious Mind: The Way It Learns

Your mind is more than what you would have ever imagined. And what it can do will amaze you. Your 90% behaviour is decided by the information stored in your subconscious mind. And your brain has no limit to how much data it can save in it.   

There are two types of mind: 1) Conscious mind , 2) Sub-conscious mind. 

Both of them have their own specific roles.

Conscious Mind:

This part of your mind is only active when you’re awake. Everything which you do logically is done by your conscious mind. This shuts off while you sleep. Through your conscious mind, you can experience lucid dreaming (controlling your dreams however you want) and astral traveling.

Subconscious Mind:

Subconscious mind handles your whole body-functioning. There is no limit to how much data you can save in it. It is 10 times more powerful than your conscious mind. This part of your mind does not know any difference between right and wrong and so what you feed it becomes the reality for you.

Your subconscious mind is a tank if you know how to use it. On the basis of data stored in your subconscious mind, you make your decisions. You’ve often heard people say “Follow your guts. ” This ‘gut’ is the quick decisions which your subconscious mind make by roughly going through every related data stored in your mind. 

How Your Subconscious Mind Remembers?

▶ Logical Reasoning:

If your conscious mind logically agrees with the given statement, then the information gets implanted in your subconscious mind. And when it does, your mind does everything in its power to make it happen.

Before 1954, people used to believe that 1-mile distance can never be possibly covered in 4 minutes. Many tried but no one succeeded. Even scientists proved that the human body was not capable to achieve it. But in 1954, a man named Roger Banister came and covered 1 mile in 4 minutes. 

You know what happened after this incident? Since then 20,000 people achieved the same till date. You know what changed? It’s the belief. People after this incident were logically convinced that covering 1 mile in 4 minutes is possible. So, before they ran, they knew that they could also do it and it’s possible.

That’s the power of the subconscious mind.

▶ Repitition:

To cut a tree, when you swing an axe once, you cannot cut it. But when you do it continuously, eventually the tree cuts down.

Similarly, when a statement keeps on hitting again and again on the wall of your conscious mind, it eventually crumbles and allows the message to reach your subconscious mind.

If you surround yourself with negative people who share their ‘failure stories’ again and again then your conscious mind takes it as the ‘truth’ and allows the message to get implanted in your subconscious mind. Now your subconscious mind starts acting on this piece of information and makes you capable of working extremely hard but in the end, you may do something irrelevant that will stop you from achieving success.

Hence, the surrounding matters. You should surround yourself with good people to become good. That’s why – always choose your friend wisely. They can make a big impact on you because of their behavior.

▶ Use Of Sensory Rich Language:

Sensory rich language means a language which involves all of your five senses and contains: visual, sound, taste, smell, and touch. 

For instance, after watching a movie, you remember it for a long time as it involves video and audio. Then think for how long can you remember information that involves all of your senses. 

When you try to remember information in this format then it is easily embedded in your subconscious mind. And it would be better remembered if you make the information unique – like a pink elephant rather than just an elephant.

How Music Affects Your Subconscious Mind?

Always be careful of what songs you’re listening. Open your playlist and check – On what topic your songs revolve around. 

When you hear a song and you like it then you would, of course, listen to it again. After some time you tend to remember the lyrics as it has been embedded in your subconscious mind. And when anything registers in your subconscious mind then your mind starts to behave on the basis of the saved information.

So, if you listen to breakup songs often – then your mind will act accordingly and will do everything in its power so that you end up breaking up. If you listen to love songs – then mostly what you think throughout the day is about love. 

I don’t want my precious time to be wasted on stupid stuff. Likewise, you would think the same. So I have motivational songs in my playlist which revolves around success. What you feed your mind is what you become.

And the crazy thing I noticed is, after listening to the song, again and again, you sing it often unconsciously. Sometimes the song may be playing in your head or you would be singing it unknowingly. Now what your brain is doing- It is refreshing the information and feeding it again without any media. Hence the wording embeds in your mind. This is how powerful music is.


Now you can use the given methods to remember anything. Use the powerful methods in your own favor. And you also know what things to look out for positive thoughts and magnetic personality.

Remember to listen to music similar to your goals or motivational ones. Music is great when you use it to build up yourself. Implement the given techniques to learn. And also share with others to ease their burden too.

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